Dear brothers and sisters.

Welcome to IslamTV.

We are both humbled and thrilled to announce the grand launch of IslamTV,  Sky channel 742.

With our core teachings of Islam intact, as well as Al-Quran Al Kareem, young adults will be given the chance to challenge themselves in developing both their Islamic knowledge whilst providing the opportunity to discuss current events from around the globe through the use of innovative Islamic media.

IslamTV has been committed to increasing literacy, especially amongst the most disadvantaged. We do so by building our shows with our brothers and sisters and including them in the production of or network and together we all can learn and benefit form a wonderful and amazing Tv channel in  the UK and around the world.

What we do for our community

This is where our exciting voyage will combine the old with the new, revelations with innovation and a novel understanding of Islam with the aid of advanced technology.

IslamTV gives an arena to those wishing to create and promote their true beliefs, whether they be big or small, relatable or personal.

Our shows will take everyday people from our communities and will allow them to reflect and relate to daily circumstances and current news. Quran reciting by children of our Own Family and friends and brothers and sisters of all Muslim communities around the world and the United Kingdom.

Our young ladies and gentlemen will endeavour to challenge themselves regarding topics that are relevant in everyday life, and consider their views on these topics among their peers. Parents will sit in awe as our children and teenagers command the stage in a way that empowers them to reach incredible heights.

IslamTV will allow stars to be born. In ways we can’t begin to imagine, they will discover the undiscovered, previously believed to have never been possible. We will go forward and beyond, reaching further in educating the future leaders of today.

We hope that in  a bid to create relevant educational media and entertainment for the UK’s  young  growing Muslim community, IslamTv hope to become known as  one of the UK’s premier and most watched  Muslim television broadcasters both here in the UK and around the world with the twist that our content is going to be made by the young members of our society

IslamTV invites you to participate if you wish to be apart of tomorrow  You can text us on 07895195195 (outside the UK +447895195195) Or you can make your own video of up to 12 minutes online at